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Our story

A little while back, we thought wouldn’t it be great if you could find a service which would combine quality graphic designer, and project management into a single solution, that’s easy to use and was an affordable subscription.

So, we got on and build it. We designed and created the solution, built a fantastic team of creative and joined them all together in what now has become ngine.

So, with lots of hard work and some clever people we turned our idea into a reality, to make your life easier.

What’s different about ngine?

If we had to sum it up in two words, it would be Experience and Empathy. We’ve been there, on both sides as former marketers and business managers. So when we thought about how we could provide a better service than other graphic design companies, we kept only the best bits and left the rest out.

What this means in plain English.

  • An easy to use workflow to manage your designs.
  • We don’t believe quality design should be expensive.
  • We treat your requests like they are ours.

Around the Globe

Graphic Design Service and On Demand Graphic Design

ngine was created to fill a gap in cost-effectively accessing quality graphic designers for business owners and marketing managers.

To enable better management of jobs we provide detailed digital job briefs, file uploading and downloading, versioning and annotation via a PDF review process and direct communication with the designer using an online workflow platform.

Our internal designers and prepress experts are qualified and experienced so ngine can allow you expand your service offering, improve capacity or provide an overflow service for your business.


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